Wimberley Women In Business Workshop

From Vision to Action

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You love your business, but do you have a clear vision for the future? Ever feel overwhelmed? Unsure? Stressed? 

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You're passionate, and you get things done, but are the actions you're taking getting you to where you want to go? 

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What would "Next Level" results look like for you? How do you define success?

Let's face it, running a business is hard and there's not much help out there for small business owners who are already up and running. Sure, if you're a startup or a big company there's training programs galore. But, when you're a small business working to grow and succeed, there's not so many options. 

The Wimberley Women in Business Workshop has been designed specifically with small business owners in mind, whether your just starting, or ready for a new level of growth. Retail, real estate, service provider, artist, sole proprietor, employer, or something else entirely! Lead by veteran business and personal coach Bill Small, participants will uncover the roadblocks to growth, learn and practice techniques for de-stressing, create a clear vision for the future and structures for success.


what does that mean?

Uncover the Roadblocks to Growth.

We all get stuck. We all get in our own way. However, it's truly difficult to see "how" we get in our way. Once you identify the roadblock, you can do something about it.

Learn and Practice Techniques for De-Stressing.

Self explanatory? Life and work can be stressful. What might be possible if you had consistent, simple, and highly effective tools to manage your stress, your time, and your world?

Clear Vision for the Future.

It's hard to get somewhere if you don't know where you're going. It's like sitting down at a restaurant, without placing an order, and hoping they'll bring you something good. A clear vision takes the guess work out of decision making. 

Structures for Success.

It's great to learn new things, and have a new perspective, but how do you take the new information and integrate it into your life and work so that it really makes a difference? You create ways to make it stick.

who should attend?

Women who own, run, or otherwise participate in a business, and want to create breakthrough results. Women who love to learn, grow, and connect with other women. Women who are excited and passionate about what they do, and know that the sky's the limit for them! (If you're looking for a quick fix, to get rich quick, or can't commit to the time, or the money, this may not be the workshop for you.)

how can you attend?

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